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My Beloved,
I hope you will forgive me for this seeming like it begins mid-flow. I have been thinking of you and things I want to tell you for so long that I always feel as if we are in the middle of a conversation.

These little thoughts that I have to pass on to you may not make sense to you today or tomorrow but I hope that someday a few of them will help you to find your place in the world, remember that I walk beside you the whole way, whatever you need, whenever you need it, I am here.

Today’s thought is small and yet all-encompassing. I need you to remember something very important. There are very few universal truths: concepts that are constant regardless of the circumstances, like gravity or the fact that regardless of your shoe size it is always the first one to sell-out in a sale. But here is another one: I love you.

This will never change, like a river that runs through my soul it will deepen and widen as I learn more about the unique person you are. I will learn new ways of loving you and new things to love about you, everyday. I might not always show it, I may be angry, you may be angry but this one truth remains constant.

and don’t you forget it!

Your Mother


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